KCS Detroit & Windsor welcomes you... Upcoming KCS 2016 Events.... February 13, 2016 - Thattukada/Game Night... April 9, 2016 - Easter Celebration .... June 17-19, 2016- Camping ... July 16, 2016 - KCS Annual Picnic ...... August 4-7, 2016- KCCNA Convention Houston ... September 10, 2016 - Knanaya Night & Recognition of Graduates..... October 22, 2016 - Family Fun Night sponsored by Women's Forum/KCYL.. .. December 17, 2016 - Christmas Celebration/General Body Meeting/Election


       Welcome to KCS Detroit Windsor home page .The Knanaya Catholic Society (KCS) of Detroit Windsor is a association of an endogamous Knanaya catholics of  Kottayam dioceses of India who migrated to Michigan USA and Windsor Canada.Our objective is to enrich our community,foster unity,promote Knanaya traditions,culture and faith as heritage to pass down to our future generations since our forefathers done for the past 1800 years.


        KCS Detroit Windsor is a member association of The Knanaya Catholic Congress of North America (KCCNA) which is a federation of all Knanaya Catholic Associations in North America.  The Knanaya Catholic Society of Detroit Windsor is a nonprofit organization registered in the State of Michigan, USA.