Photos of  February 26th gathering

March 26, 2011 Women's Forum General Body/Recipe Party

KCS Easter Celebration on April 30th 2011

KCYL March Of Dimes Walk on May 1, 2011

Women's Forum Zumba Dance/Dinner on May 20th 

KCYL Spring Cleaning May 14th 2011

 KCS Picnic on July, 9, 2011

 KCS Picnic on July, 9, 2011 More Photos

KCS camping

Knanaya night 2011

KCYL Cedar point trip

Photos for Camping 2012

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Photos for K C C N A Convention

Knanaya Night 2012

Meeting, Kids Club and Shingari

Knanaya Night 2012

K C Y L Fashion show

Knanaya Night 2012

Convention Program and cultural programs